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Latest service recording above.

Previous services detailed below.

Hello everyone. On this page are links to some service files. Just click on the link and it should play on your computer.  Ruth will be saying prayers, reading from the bible and giving a short message every Sunday and Wednesday. If you want any more information please email if you can or call the contact numbers.

Sunday Morning service at 10:00. 


Meeting ID: 377 351 213, Password: 396266

To enter by Phone -

Dial 0203 481 5240

Meeting ID: 377 351 213#   Participant id: #   Password: 396266#

Service Highlights

Wednesday 27th Jan   https://youtu.be/cSar3zGRyvM

Wednesday 20th Jan    https://youtu.be/bPkkxwzMKFc

Sunday 17th Jan  https://youtu.be/QOSFODH-m4Y

Wednesday 13th Jan  https://youtu.be/nC_Oo9XTs68

Sunday 10th Jan   https://youtu.be/QOSFODH-m4Y

Wednesday 6th Jan  https://youtu.be/F87jVAGqzAM

Sunday 3rd Jan   https://vimeo.com/496421510

Carol Service https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etHd26b8cHE&t=2912s

Crib Service https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAfJhZ4u7PQ

Midnight Christmas Communion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDOYwcJkjmY

Wednesday 16th Dec  - Text today! (see bottom of page)

Sunday 13th Dec   https://vimeo.com/490169558

Wednesday 8th Dec https://vimeo.com/488602677

Sunday 6th Dec    https://vimeo.com/487601720

Wednesday 2nd Dec  https://vimeo.com/486151178

Sunday 29th Nov     https://vimeo.com/484849355

Wednesday 25th Nov    https://vimeo.com/483112151

Sunday 22nd Nov    https://vimeo.com/482069282

Wednesday 18th Nov https://vimeo.com/480502093

Sunday 15th Nov https://vimeo.com/479468025

Sunday 8th Nov https://vimeo.com/476781595  

Wednesday 11th Nov   https://vimeo.com/477599706

Wednesday 4th Nov   https://vimeo.com/475349090

Sunday 1st Nov  https://vimeo.com/474138193

Wednesday 28th October  https://vimeo.com/472912767

Sunday 25th October    https://vimeo.com/471689843

Wednesday 21st October   https://vimeo.com/470474751

Sunday 18th October  https://vimeo.com/469278529

Wednesday 14th October  https://vimeo.com/466825086

Sunday 11th October  https://vimeo.com/466820240

Wednesday 7th October    https://vimeo.com/465489976

Sunday 4th October   https://vimeo.com/464474321

Wednesday 30th September  https://vimeo.com/463321080

Sunday 27th September    https://vimeo.com/462109880

Wednesday 23rd September   https://vimeo.com/460646055

Sunday 20th September https://vimeo.com/459695568

Wednesday 16th September   https://vimeo.com/458239995

Sunday 13th September  https://vimeo.com/457299900

Wednesday 9th September   https://vimeo.com/455809402

Sunday 6th September  https://vimeo.com/454985925

Wednesday 2nd September  https://vimeo.com/453650087

Sunday 30th August    https://vimeo.com/452813456

Wednesday 26th August https://vimeo.com/451577652

Sunday 23rd August   https://vimeo.com/450481270 

Wednesday 19th August   https://vimeo.com/449041020

Sunday 16th August    https://vimeo.com/448222415

Wednesday 12th August   https://vimeo.com/446892858

Sunday 9th August   https://vimeo.com/445803833

Wednesday 5th August  https://vimeo.com/444794948

Sunday 2nd August    https://vimeo.com/443833745

Please note, we are away for a few days so no Wednesday service on the 29th

Sunday 26th July

Morning Worship https://vimeo.com/441581764

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Wednesday 22nd July</span>

Morning Worship https://vimeo.com/440322264

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Sunday 19th July</span>

Morning Worship https://vimeo.com/439516993

Wednesday  15th July

Morning Worship  https://vimeo.com/425201194

Sunday 12th July

Morning Worship    https://vimeo.com/437373294

Wednesday 8th July

Morning Worship    https://vimeo.com/436174781

Sunday 5th July

Morning Service  https://vimeo.com/435304243

Wednesday 1st July

Morning Service  https://vimeo.com/434078556