Church of England Diocese of Chelmsford Pleshey

Pleshey Coronavirus Helpers Group, helping those in self-isolation

28 Mar 2020, 6 p.m.

Pleshey Support Group (PSG) expands capacity in response to the coronavirus pandemic

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic - and the precautions recommended to combat it - have become more clear over the past week. In response, the PSG Committee, with advice from the Chelmsford Association of Voluntary Care Groups, has supplemented its volunteer group with other people from the village who are not currently self-isolating to help those who are self-isolating due to their age or to showing COVID-19 symptoms. The expanded team is operating for the period of the pandemic under the name Pleshey Coronavirus Helpers Group (PCHG).

We can help those in self-isolation with the following, which do not involve face-to-face contact:

- shopping (click and collect is recommended for larger shopping lists (if available), and giving some notice helps us to be efficient with numbers of trips)

- collecting prescriptions

- providing contact by phone for reassurance, for a chat or if you are not sure about something (note: we cannot give medical advice)

If you know of anyone who is vulnerable, or you are concerned about, in and around Pleshey, please let us know.

PSG’s usual support activities also continue in the normal way, wherever possible, but lifts to hospital now need to be provided by family or household members or an ambulance due to the need for self-distancing.

We currently have sufficient additional volunteers to cover the level of demand we are experiencing but the Committee is keeping this under regular review. If the demand rises we will put out a message and seek further volunteers. Sincere thanks to those who have already offered to help and to everyone who is looking out for their friends and neighbours at this time.

If anyone needs help from PCHG, including those who are self-isolating, please contact:

Pam Bloomer (01245 237331) or Helen Mallender (01245 230799)

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">The Pleshey Support Group Committee</span>