Church of England Diocese of Norwich Old Buckenham

New Thatch on it's way!

25 Oct 2019, 10 a.m.

The work has started on the new roof of the nave (the big part!). We still need some money to complete the bills at the end but we hope to have raised that before the final bill comes - donations welcome :-)

In the mean time, because the church building is closed, the church meets in the Church Rooms by the entrance to the churchyard and all are welcome. The singing is much improved because we're all sat closer together, and the warmth of the environment is much more comfortable. Goodness! Next we'll be wanting to improve the heating in church! We already miss our building though, and the prayerful atmosphere inside it, and are looking forward to when the work is finished in the New Year. Our new bishop is going to come and visit us to rededicate the church when it is done.