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9 Jul 2020, 12:45 p.m.
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Opening Church - This is a very fast moving situation but in all of this we are working to keep people safe when they come to Church. Plans are progressing well to open the Church Building. It looks as if ONE Church will open on 19th July for a Service of the word- it might be sometime in August before we have a service of Holy Communion. Church services will need to be very different so I am preparing a leaflet outlining the changes which we will get to you when it is ready. Services might be so different that it is unhelpful for you and you may wish to continue to use our Church to You service which will continue indefinitely and the link will be emailed as usual on Saturday. Please don’t feel any obligation to come to Church when we reopen ….we have prayed and worshipped in our homes for so long it is okay to continue to do so for as long as you want to. The Government guidance is that some people at risk should not come and others at risk should be advised not to come.

It does look as if we will need to have a booking system - I don’t want people to come to Church and be turned away because we are full. Our largest Church -St Andrews- will only be able to seat about 40 people with the two metre distance- the other Church buildings will be able to seat less than this number. The booking system might help us to seat people from the same household together so it might mean we can seat a few more. The booking system will also help with Track and Trace information - I should be able to share more details by Saturday.

We are still finding that some people haven’t heard about our weekly bulletin or our online service Church to You on YouTube so please do spread the word ….

You can download the Bible readings for July - September from the Church to You section on the Services and Events page. The readings in July and August are from Romans and Matthew and Claire Sherman has kindly edited the Bible Society notes from their Bible Book Club guides to give us some background on these two books of the Bible. Please download them from News and Notices page. Bible Society has made guides available for books of the Bible on their website and is also currently allowing people to watch the videos linked to their very watchable Bible course for free. If you've missed our courses based on this I'm sure there will be others in the future but you could try it while it's still available for free during the pandemic! -

And please remember that we have created a new email address for you to get in touch to send us prayer requests, song requests or just to get in touch…...the email address is [email protected]

We will be holding another day of prayer, the day before we are due to open, on Saturday 18th July via Zoom- I will give you the prayer pointers in next week's bulletin and you can pray at home or join us on ZOOM.

Morning and Night prayer: Claire has taken the Church of England worship at home services and created two booklets for you to use at home - let me know if you find these useful and how you use them

There is a possibility we might be able to do a booklet of Reflections on Lockdown- how has God has helped and blessed you during lockdown…if you want to write a short paragraph then please send it to me (see my email on the Get in touch tab).

Someone from one of the churches speaks on Maghull radio most Sundays just before or around 9am (Check the website for details and you can click on the ‘Listen Live’ button at the top of the website

It looks as if the Sunday morning services have come to an end on BBC One but Songs of Praise is still on at 1.15pm and the usual service on BBC Radio 4 at 8.10am plus don’t forget the Christian radio channels and TV stations.

Woodlands Hospice have asked me to remind you about their Annual Forget-me-not Campaign with their new  Online Virtual Forget-me-not Meadow...dedicate a forget-me-not flower in memory of a loved one and help the hospice without leaving your home. Please help us fill our field with flowers along with a photo and message for your loved ones. Please visit Alternatively you can dedicate one of our beautiful metal Forget-me-not flowers which will go out on display in the hospice gardens throughout the summer and help Woodlands Hospice continue to improve the lives of our patients and supporting their families. To dedicate a flower visit

Please see the separate news items on the new Book Club, Community Craft and Chat (it's so good to read about what's happening), Team Prayers, prayer gates and the prayer trail at St Andrew's, Daily Hope and how to help the foodbank under the notices tab.

We are continuing to monitor our financial situation …there are still bills to pay and our Parish Share contribution to make even though we are not meeting in our Church Buildings - so please consider giving though the Parish Giving Scheme to help our regular income - our treasurer has more information about ways to give - please see the 'get in touch' tab to ask for contact details.