Church of England Diocese of Chester Witton Otherwise Northwich St. Helen

Remembering Captain Sir Tom Moore

8 Feb 2021, noon

Remembering Captain Sir Tom Moore

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said this about Captain Sir Tom Moore: “His courage, compassion, resilience, hope and generosity has been an inspiration to millions – and an example to us all. Where he walked, a nation followed. I give thanks to God for such a long life, so well lived. May he rest in peace.”

Like so many others in the past few months, his funeral will be a small family occasion because of the coronavirus restrictions.

The following is a Church of England prayer for Captain Sir Tom’s grieving family and for grieving families everywhere.

Almighty God,

Father of all mercies and giver of all comfort:

deal graciously, we pray, with all those who mourn,

that, casting all their care on you,

they may know the consolation of your love;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.