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3 Jul 2020, 3:30 p.m.
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The Community Craft and Chat group began meeting 6 weeks before lockdown and what a blessing that has been. Although we haven’t been able to meet during lockdown...some of our knitters have been busy knitting. They have made hearts for hope which have been sent to ITU units and to the bereavement ward at Wigan Royal infirmary. We have also posted these hearts to the bereaved families of those whose funeral we have conducted. We have had some lovely letters of thanks. The hearts are still needed and we can provide patterns for those too. We also need blankets crocheted or knitted 40x40 inch or they can be smaller. We have also made fish and chip jumper and hat sets which we have just sent to Uganda to help the “Warm baby project”. This project still needs fish and chip jumper sets and also baby jumpers or cardigans age 6 months plus . If you feel you can help there is a knitting pattern for Fish and Chip Babies to download on the right.

If you can't print a pattern or knit here are some other ideas that don't really need a pattern:

Knit blankets for prem babies approximately 12" or 24" square (garter or stocking stitch is fine, colour[s] unimportant). If you crochet them please use a tight double crochet stitch so babies can't stick their fingers through the spaces.

Knit bonding squares for prem babies approximately 5" square (garter or stocking stitch is fine, colour[s] unimportant). Make in pairs: one is worn inside her bra by the mother, one is with the baby then they are swapped over.

Knit cannular sleeves for prem babies: knit 26 stitches and 36 rows with 4mm needles or similar to make a rectangle approximately 10cm x 7cm (or 4" x 2 3/4") (garter or stocking stitch is fine, colour[s] unimportant) then sew up the sides leaving the ends open to form a tube

Knit or crochet a 40" square blanket for patients who are terminally ill using any stitch or pattern, in one piece or with a number sewn together (preferably in cheerful colours)

Knit or crochet hearts for terminally ill patients and bereaved families: there are lots of free patterns and tutorials online, try and make them about 3" wide. Use the Get in touch CONTACT FORM on St James pages on A Church Near You if you need a pattern from church.

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