Church of England Diocese of Liverpool Maghull Saint Peter


30 Jan 2021, 1:30 p.m.
Church_news Notices

Sosme extracts from the Archbishops' letter to the nation:

100,000 isn’t just an abstract figure. Each number is a person: someone we loved and someone who loved us. We also believe that each of these people was known to God and cherished by God... We show our commitment, care and love for one another by ensuring we do everything we can to stop the virus spreading...  we need to support each other. We do this by following the guidelines. But we also do it by reaching out to each other with care and kindness...

More than ever, this is a time when we need to love each other. Prayer is an expression of love. A number of resources will be made available at

...Most of all, we have hope because God raised Jesus from the dead. This is the Christian hope that we will be celebrating at Easter. We live in the hope that we will share in his resurrection. Death doesn’t have the last word. In God’s kingdom every tear will be wiped away.

Our Team Prayers will form part of this call to prayer on zoom. Please contact Janice or email via the 'Get in touch' page on this website for the link... if you can’t or if you are not comfortable with Zoom you could pray at home at the same time as everyone else. Team Prayer dates are Friday 5th February at 7.30pm, Thursday 11th February at 10am, possibly Tuesday 16th February at 10am or 7.30pm (to avoid a clash with the Ash Wednesday service - tbc),  Saturday 27th February at 10am.

More resources can be found in videos of Prayers for the Nation on the Thy Kingdom Come YouTube channel.