Church of England Diocese of London Little Stanmore

Covid-19 aka Coronavirus & Public Worship at S Lawrence Little Stanmore

All Public Worship is offered in this Parish in accordance with the Church of England's National Guidelines

As the Covid story has - and will continue to dominate our news, we find ourselves with a greater degree of freedom because of the opening up allowed by the Government. There has been a moving away from imposing legislation and regulation towards a more citizen centred exercise of responsibility. We think it is important that we stick with the same Health & Safety protocols in the Church for the foreseeable future. We also want to encourage the fearful that it can be safe to return. So far our performance in relation to Covid has been excellent so lets stick with these rules. These include Track and Trace, sanitising hands on entry and exit wearing a mask if you can and practicing social distancing in so far as is possible.

In order to continue to keep one another safe we would ask that you please observe the following throughout our Services:

All worshippers will be asked to have their temperature taken (non-invasively) and have their contact details recorded on arrival for NHS “Test and Trace”, should this be necessary. If you have a smartphone, there is a poster with a scannable QR code on, as we are supporting the NHS “Test and Trace” App.

• Please wear a face covering/mask in church unless you are exempt.

• Stay in your place, including at the distribution of Holy Communion which will be brought to you.

• For the time being Holy Communion will continue to be in one kind only (aka The Host/Bread)

• The congregational responses and texts should be said, not sung, and in a normal conversational tone

COVID precautions will be kept under review in accordance with guidance and local infection rates

• Take very great care, by maintaining social distancing both inside and outside S Lawrence’s.

Financial offerings will be via the Plate stationed at the back of church, not passed between each other. People are encouraged to give contactlessly via a Standing Order account details on request.

For those unable to physically join the Parish Eucharist at 10.00 on a Sunday it will be streamed via Facebook Live and then made available on YouTube 

The Eucharist continues to be offered on a Tuesday morning at 09:30  and on a Thursday evening  at 18:00. These will also be streamed via Facebook Live and then made available on YouTube.

Livestreaming of Services  We use a webcam to record and livestream The Eucharist and other services in this building to help us share our Christian Faith with others who are unable to attend in person. Livestreams and past recordings are placed on our Parish Facebook and YouTube pages for the general public to see. If you have any concerns about the use of livestreaming during a service or Eucharist, and do not wish to be recorded, then please speak to the Rector, Fr Paul Reece, who will provide you with advice about the best place to sit and/or what you should do. The livestreaming of The Eucharist and services in this building is being carried out in pursuit of our legitimate interests which is to promote and share the Anglican (C of E) faith.