Church of England Diocese of Leeds Saint Augustine, Undercliffe, Bradford

A cup of cold water!

26 Jun 2020, 10:15 p.m.
Service_Order-_A_cup_of_cold_water.pdf Download

Join St Augustine's & St Clement's Bradford at our Heart & Anchor Zoom Sunday worship @ 10.00am Sunday 28th June. Please bring bread (and wine if you like) for communion and a glass of water, which our Reader Ian Fletcher will explain when he preaches! 

And if you want here, otherwise maybe better with the order of service.

If you have two devices or a big screen you can click on music videos on the interactive service sheet.

Please send your request to: Maureen Gamble

[email protected] or Rosy Fairhurst [email protected]

For download this service order please visit:

You can find this week reading and Service order

and Anna's recording for 5's and unders.