Church of England Diocese of Leeds Coniston Cold

We are opening!

8 Jul 2020, 2:15 p.m.
Church_news From_the_Vicar

We are extremely pleased to announce that we will be opening for worship from Sunday the 12th of July. Our Sunday worship services will return to our usual pattern, but worship won't be quite the same for now. Instead of hearty hymn-singing there will music to listen to and we will only be able to share the bread at Holy Communion. Distribution of Communion will be under sanitised conditions to prevent any cross-infection. We will be socially distancing and cleansing our hands as we enter and again as we leave. Just like at the supermarket we have a one-way system in place, and we will need to register everyone's attendance just in case someone becomes ill.

We have undertaken a full risk-assessment in line with the Church of England guidance to make your visit as safe as possible. We do hope that you can join us as we return together as a family to worship God and celebrate our faith.