As a loving, Christian community, what we can do is… pray!

My dear friends

I have put together a ‘Prayer Triplet’ to encourage us to hold each other in prayer and at the same time to offer the support and comfort of a human voice (at least twice a day). So, here’s how it works. The first thing that you have to do is commit to pray for two other people and to make one telephone call a day. I have put together a small document to help you set this up. You can get a copy of this by clicking on the link:</span>


• Choose and record two friends, neighbours or relatives to make your Triplet.

• Each of you record their names and telephone numbers.

• Each day, each person on the Triplet will make one phone call.

• Agree on a time to make your phone call (you will call the same person each day).

• Commit to pray for each other.

The idea isn’t to pray with each other over the phone (although there is nothing to stop you doing this, if it works for you), it is simply to be in touch with people daily, to support each other pastorally and to be a friend. Importantly, it is to hold both of your prayer partners in your prayers. There is a selection of prayers in the Prayer Triplet booklet (see link below).

18 March 2020

Prayer_Triplet_iSLfnMo, PDF