Church of England Diocese of Leeds St. Michael, Haworth

Moving into Tier 3

5 Nov 2020, 12:30 a.m.

1. We will still provide a fresh Sunday Worship video each week in partnership with West Lane Baptist Church.

This is accessible from the front page of our churches’ websites by a single click, and the audio of the most recent service is accessible by a normal rate phone call 01535 286387.

2. We will now also provide an actual Sunday Service in each church each week Covid-safely; people sit well apart and leave without socialising.

9.30 am St James’, Cross Roads ) the same service

11.00 pm St Michael’s, Haworth ) will be repeated

3.30 pm St Gabriel’s, Stanbury ) three times

6 December Reflective Morning Worship for the start of Advent

13 December Holy Communion as a personal Christmas preparation

20 December All Age mini-celebration with Christingle elements

(space limited at St Gabriel’s so let us know to ‘book’)

27 December Reflective Morning Worship for Christmas week

3 January Holy Communion as dedication for the New Year

3. We again provide an actual simple mid-week Holy Communion each week; people sit well apart and leave without socialising.

10.30 am St James’, Cross Roads each Wednesday

(but no longer an extra Friday lunchtime service at St Michael’s)

4. We will work hard at planning and then announcing as good a pattern of Christmas services as we can manage.

These will be announced on our websites, Facebook and church doors as soon as we can. There are also eight Christmas posters with carol QR codes going up both in Main Street, Haworth and central Cross Roads,

5. We will still hold our annual meetings for both parishes very briefly after one of our morning Communion services; people sit well apart and leave without socialising. Papers will be available in advance for all who request them even if they will not attend – any comments will be reported to what we expect will be small number attending the half-hour meetings.

Cross Roads parish 11.10 a.m. Wednesday 17 Dec at St James’

Haworth parish 11.45 a.m. Sunday 13 Dec at St Michael’s