Church of England Diocese of Southwark Mitcham

The Parish Church has plans to upgrade its roof to ensure its long-term future!

8 Mar 2021, 3:45 p.m.
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The Parochial Church Council has committed to ensuring the long-term future of the Church by investing a sum of over £100,000 to provide the replacement of the copper Tower roof, the transformation of the South-East Vestry roof from bitumen to a longer-lasting stainless steel covering, and the refurbishment of the South Aisle roofing -using the existing 200-year old slate tiles wherever possible.

The PCC has taken advice from its Inspecting Architect - who will be overseeing the work - and prior to this work commencing the application for a Faculty (the church equivalent to planning permission) includes a thirty-day public consultation period - during which people are entitled to research the application and make comment to the Southwark Diocesan Registrar in Southwark. See the attached notice for more information, and do please be in touch, in the first instance, if you would like to discuss any aspect of this application with the Vicar, Fr David Pennells, on 020 8646 0666.