Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. George, Edgbaston

Nurture Course

27 Sep 2020, 9:05 p.m.

Have you ever wanted to find out what Christians believe? Perhaps you wonder if there is a God, what God might be like, or if there is a meaning to it all? Perhaps you are now ready to be baptised or confirmed. Or maybe you're a life-long Christian but want a refresher in the faith. This could be the course for you.

From October we're running a group introducing Christianity using the book The Mystery of Faith: Exploring Christian Belief by John-Francis Friendship.

We'll meet fortnightly until Easter, and the group open to anyone who can commit to regular sessions. It will start online and will (hopefully!) include in-person sessions later on. Everyone is welcome and it will be an open, relaxed space. Email Fr Sam if you'd like to know more.