Musical Resources

This page features recordings of music by Simon Palmer, our Director of Music and various members of our choir and the Choral Scholars of St Martins in the Fields, which is used in our weekly worship. 

Our church appreciates its musical tradition and this is a way that we can continue to hear some of our fine musicians

Last updated 21/04/21

New Content

The video on this page shows the singers singing the Salisbury Setting for Communion by Grayson Ives.

Once we are back and fully able to sing together we hope to introduce this as a new setting for all.

In the meantime here is a way to get used to it.

Hymns and Anthems

Good Friday - Pie Jesu and When I survey the wondrous cross can be heard here

Easter Morning - Led like a lamb and Thine be the glory can be heard here

On Eagle's wings can be heard here

Howard Goodall The Lord is my shepherd is here

Rutter The Lord Bless you and keep you is here

Magnificat Dyson in F is here

Nunc Dimittis Dyson in F is here

Enemy of Apathy  is here

All above Piano Simon Palmer, Voice Susannah Palmer

Over my head is here

Sung by Otis

Music from St Martin in the Fields used in Sunday Worship

Holy Holy Holy                                                          7th June

Thou whose Almighty Word                                   7th June

Come down O love divine                                      31st May

Be still for the presence of the Lord                     31st May

The head that once                                                 24th May

Thanks be to thee                                                    24th May

Crown him with many crowns                               24th May

Inspired by love and anger                                    17th May

I the Lord of Sea and Sky                                       17th May

Thy hand O Lord has guided                                 10th May

To God be the Glory                                                10th May

Great is thy faithfulness                                           3rd May

We have a gospel to proclaim                                 3rd May

General music and performances by choir members

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps  here

You are my sunshine here

Both the above sung by Otis

Romance by Schumann is here

played by Harriet

Loch Lomond is here

played by Isadora

Miltonality is here 

played by Charles

If you have a particular request, please contact the Vicar and we will see what we can do.