Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Anne, West Heath

St Anne's church reopening

15 Jul 2020, 8:30 p.m.

We are opening St Anne on Sunday 19th of July. There will be only one service at 10 am on Sunday with a live recording of the whole service. As soon as we finish the service and recorded, we will upload the recorded service onto our website for those who are not able to come to church yet. There will be no other regular services in church. Currently, we are not allowed to sing together.

Please use hand sanitizer as you come into the building. We must sit and keep 2M from other people. We must not share books. We are not allowed to pass the Peace or otherwise to touch one another.

The collection plate will not be passed round, but left out near the entrance for offerings of money. The warden will then deal with this in a sanitized manner.

We’ll keep a record of who attends in case the NHS need to track & trace. In the unlikely event of so many people turning up that we can’t all fit in with social distancing, we’re sorry to say we shall not be able to let everyone in.

You are recommended to wear a facemask during the service

Please pass on the news that we are re-opening to as many people as possible.