Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Matthew with St. Chad, Smethwick

Harvest 2020

11 Oct 2020, midnight

HARVEST (Year A) - 11th October 2020

Lucy said: Today we call to mind that, if the Pandemic had not happened, that this Sunday would probably have been our Harvest Festival day. A time when we would bring gifts of food that would then be distributed to organisations that feed and support people of our Parish. Gifts that would contribute towards the help of people who are vulnerable, people who are sick, people in need, people sleeping rough, people who are running away, people who are refugees, people who are homeless, people with no possessions as well as people with no means to feed themselves. This tradition of making a Harvest offering is a Holy tradition began millennia ago when God asked his rescued nation of Israel to offer back to God the first fruits of their Harvest. A gift that God intended to be used to offer hospitality, mercy and help to others. This practice of sharing was instigated by God to ensure that no-one was left without what they need. It was also a reminder to everyone with enough to meet their own needs to generously share what they had – a calling that has always been in line with God’s will.  In Corinthians chapter 9, Paul reminds us that we are to share what we have; and to do so cheerfully and generously; because God will bless whatever is given; as well as pour blessings on the giver. For Paul says that God will do miracles with all that is given by: enlarging the harvest, enriching those who donate and transforming the bounty received into a harvest of thanksgiving and praise of God. So, this year, instead of giving food gifts to the Church we give thanks that during the time of Pandemic that everyone has been giving generously and cheerfully to neighbours and friends and local charities.