Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Matthew with St. Chad, Smethwick

Feast of St Luke

18 Oct 2020, midnight

Readings for today: Isaiah 35 v3-6 & Luke 10v1-9

Lucy says: As I prepared for the Feast day of St Luke (18 October) and thought about St Luke, I realised that Luke is unusual and special and I learnt things I never knew until this week. Luke is unusual because he was a doctor, a Christian disciple of Paul and Paul’s missionary companion. And, from Paul’s letters, we know that Luke stayed with and accompanied Paul until Paul’s death in Rome. After which Luke returned to Greece. Luke is special because he was a Greek gentile and a scholarly historian who wrote the Gospel according to Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. And, what amazing things Luke tells us about. Such as in the Gospel reading set for today:

• Jesus sent his messengers to go ahead of him to places where he was about to go.

• Jesus instructed them to pray for workers to gather in God’s harvest.

• Jesus told them to offer the greeting of ‘Peace be with this house’ and to let this peace remain if peace-loving lived there.

• Jesus gave them the power to heal the sick if they were made welcome in the town.

• Jesus sent them to tell the people that ‘The Kingdom of God has come near you.’

However, what I never knew is that some scholars think that Luke may have assisted in the writing of the letter to the Hebrews. Finally, I was really surprised to learn that the Luke gospel and Book of Acts make up over a quarter of the text of the New Testament. So imagine that - God was able to deploy a gentile who did not witness Jesus' ministry. God made Luke into a Christian writer, God’s messenger of the good news of Jesus a writer who is considered a saint in the major Christian denominations. 

Let us pray: Lord teach us to be witnesses of the gospel of life who tell others about your truth and promises. Amen