Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Matthew with St. Chad, Smethwick

God at Work in the Pandemic

1 Nov 2020, midnight

Since the arrival of Covid 19 and the subsequent UK actions to help us survive the Pandemic that has swirled all around us, God has done amazing things. In particular, God has called out one of our own as a Poet. It has been wondrous to hear God speak to us through the words He inspires and graciously shares through Martin. We hope that the informal anthology that Martin has written will take flight.

So, in thanksgiving for God's sign amongst us: we give thanks for all that God is doing in and with Martin, and for all that Martin is doing in and with us as he shares God's poetic word with us. 

How blessed we are that God bends to earth to whisper such words of care, compassion and consideration to us.