Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Matthew with St. Chad, Smethwick

Christmas in the Pandemic

27 Dec 2020, midnight
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Thank you to everyone who has made this year's worship and celebrations possible. Well done to those who won raffle prizes we hope you enjoyed all you received. Thank you for buying tickets because we raised over £140 even though our raffle was only 10p a ticket. Thank you to St Nicholas who joined us on 20th December at 12 noon for our time of family friendly private prayer. Santa was a welcome visitor who kept his distance in these times of Pandemic. Thanks also to those who helped to manage our services and prayer times safely - a must in these times of increasing transmission of the Pandemic Virus. Finally, an especial thanks go to Peter Featherstone from St Paul's parish in Blackheath from us all here. Peter produced the Christmas story posters that have been on display in Church and that were also used for the online service for Christmas. To all of you - you are sent a very heartfelt and warm thank you.  Without you all Christmas this year would have been less than it was.