Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Matthew with St. Chad, Smethwick

1st Sunday of Christmas

27 Dec 2020, midnight

1st Sunday of Christmas - 27th December 2020

Readings: Isaiah 61v10 to 62v3; Psalm 148v7-end; Galatians 4v4-7; Luke 2v15-21.

A Word from Lucy: Today we continue our Christmas celebrations with a number of Holy Days: on Boxing Day with the Feast of St Stephen – when we call to mind the first Christian martyr; today the 27th December, we call to mind St John the apostle, evangelist and writer of the Gospel of St John; tomorrow 28th December we remember the Holy Innocents, the infants and toddlers in Bethlehem that Herod ordered killed in his wicked attempt to murder the Christ child. All these are important events in the unfolding plans and purposes of God. Events significant enough that the Church calls them to mind each year, in order to teach about them in every generation. Today as we remember that Christmas is the time when God came to earth to fulfil his daring rescue plan for all of us sinners. That the working out of this plan has consequences. For through this plan, God faced evil and death for us – so we do not have to – then opened up to us the gates of heaven.

A Prayer: May the peace and joy of God be with you, and be with all those you love and pray for, this day and always. Amen