Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Matthew with St. Chad, Smethwick

Curate to be Ordained as Priest

13 Jun 2021, 10:30 a.m.


Opening: Today we say goodbye to Barbara as our deacon. For, today we send her on her way to ordination, by the Bishop, as a priest. Once ordained Barbara will return forever a deacon and always a priest.

Words of wisdom: Barbara, as you leave here today go forth to your Ordination with this quotation from Catherine of Siena: “Be who God has made you to be and you will set the world on fire”. Barbara, you are an ember that God has made, with you God can fulfil so many things.

Giving of gifts: receive the gift of a Pyx, the traditional vessel of the priest for distributing home and hospital Communion; receive the gift of a sick visiting Stole, the traditional sign of the priest ministering to the sick and to the dying; receive the gift of a Chasuble, the traditional garment of the priest presiding at the Eucharist.


Let us Pray: Barbara, to the prayers of our Parish Saints, of Matthew and Chad, we commend you. May God’s angels watch around you to protect and defend you, May the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen you – for all that lies ahead. May Christ Jesus befriend you with His compassion and His peace.

Lord be a bright flame before Barbara, be a guiding star above her, be a smooth path beneath her, be a kindly shepherd behind her. And the blessing of God Almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with Barbara, be with those she loves, care for and prays for, now and always. Amen

Sending: Barbara – go in peace to love and serve the Lord, in the name of Christ. Amen