Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Matthew with St. Chad, Smethwick

Lent during the Pandemic

Lent is usually marked by the Lenten Discipline of fasting, praying and giving. The traditional Lenten Fast has changed in our more modern times. Fasting these days tends to be about giving up something other than food for God or more recently the taking up of something daily for God. Lenten Prayer includes worship as well as daily prayer to thank you God, confess our sins and to petition God for the needs of others, the world or ourselves. Lenten Giving used to be about giving money to help others in need but these days tends to be focussed on giving all sorts of things such as time, belongings, personal effort as well as money to support many and varied causes. This year it seems unhelpful to ask you to give up even more during the Pandemic, so why not try and do something positive each day and thank God for it.