Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Alban and St. Patrick, Highgate

Mass: All Souls

I know that those of you who joined as on All Souls day over Zoom didn't have good sound. You will find the sound on this video of the Mass much better. Once again thanks to John and George for playing the piano duet arrangement of Mozart's Requiem and John for the organ. Bryce and Cynthia and the propers and the sequence (Dies Irae).

The photos for the sequence are my of my own art work. The rest of the photos are of St Alban's church. The final photos accompanying the Angus Dei are of the Window in the lady chapel. The windows contain a stained glass depiction of the slaughter of the innocents. The Agnus Dei ends showing the upper light of the window in the Lady Chapel. In this window we see Jesus, in the form of a child, surrounded by angels bearing palms and crowns. He is welcoming the souls of five children, represented as winged heads, into heaven. These represent both the Holy Innocents - the children murdered by King Herod in an attempt to kill the infant Jesus - and the Pollock siblings who died as children in the Isle of Man of typhoid fever before James and Thomas were born.