Church of England Diocese of Birmingham Saint Thomas, Garretts Green

Welcome to Ann Beattie our new development worker with older people

11 May 2020, 2 p.m.
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Ann has been getting to know the local area and people.  During this challenging time when people aged over 70 are in self isolation at home we have kept in regular contact with them by telephone as well as a weekly visit and a chat from the pavement when we deliver our weekly newsletter along with some puzzles, quizzes, recipes, exercise ideas and other resources to keep them engaged and active in body, mind and spirit.  For those with no family close by to help with shopping we do a weekly shop and drop it off to them as well as collecting prescriptions.  Ann is currently in the process of finding out what people's interests are with a view to supplying a greater number and variety of resources to use at home both now and in the future.   Once we are allowed to gather together again Ann will be getting some new activities started.  If you are want to find out more do get in touch.