Church of England Diocese of Ely Yaxley


We care deeply about our community here in Yaxley.

Part of our vision is to be a vibrant and welcoming church. On top of that, we want to be a church that is at the heart of the community, engaged with helping to tackle local issues, working with people to do so, and taking seriously the call of Jesus to love those that live, work and play here.

This is our call – to reach out to all people in love and in faith.

Being at the heart of our local community is all about meeting needs. These are just some of the key areas that God has called us to invest in.

Social action

There are local people who need some form of practical help.

Community Care & Community Sunday

Every month a team of volunteers goes out to help local people.

Projects range from cleaning and painting to gardening and DIY; some take minutes, others take hours. Some of the people we help are referred to us by local organisations and whether it’s the practical help or the social side, every project makes a real difference to the people we meet and serve.

Community Sunday is a whole-church activity that takes place on one Sunday, usually in June.

A normal day is similar to the more regular Community Care programme, but larger in scale – both in terms of the number of projects and people involved. As well as teams of people working on the projects, we also have others who support by providing food and refreshment during the day.

This is a particularly good opportunity for all of us as a church to put our faith into action in both a practical and spiritual way.


Every day in the UK people go hungry.

We know there are people living in Yaxley and beyond who need help putting food on the table when faced with an unexpected situation.

St. Peter’s is now one of the many independent food banks across the UK distributing food parcels to local people in crisis. We work in partnership with Yaxley Parish Council, local schools and other voluntary and statutory organisations in the wider Peterborough area to ensure we meet the local need.

Impaired senses

Deafblindness can affect anyone.

Many people do not define themselves either as deaf, hard of hearing, visually impaired, or blind. They may say: “I don’t see or hear as well as I used to”. However, this might indicate they have significant difficulties in day-to-day life and may mean they need support to live more independently.

There are people living in Yaxley and the surrounding area who need some level of support. So we’ve partnered with Deafblind Enablement – an organisation dedicated to enabling people who live with a sight and hearing loss – to help support their cause by hosting a local community group.

The group meets every month and it’s all about people making new friends, playing games (and the occasional raffle!), and doing what we can as a community to help improve quality of life for those with a sensory impairment. In the summer, we organise a day trip to Sunny Hunny (the beach at Hunstanton) so that everyone can enjoy the sun, sea and sand (and a plate of fish and chips!)

It’s also a great opportunity to learn how to communicate using Deafblind Manual, so we can all talk to each other. In just a few hours, you will be able to talk to anyone who finds it difficult to see or hear.

Debt Prevention

Every day in the UK people slip further and further into debt.

We know there are people living in Yaxley and beyond who need help managing their household finances. St. Peter’s is one of more than 1,000 churches across the UK who are regularly offering the CAP Money Course.

In partnership with Christians Against Poverty (CAP) we offer a course for local people who want help to better manage their household finances. Based on simple principles, all designed to help you budget, save, and spend.

Local and International mission

We recognise that we cannot build community on our own.

Often our community extends beyond what we as a church can do, and as well as everything we do, we are fully committed to working with and supporting local, national and international organisations. Our local and national partners are:

Christians Against Poverty,  Deafblind Enablement,  New Wine,  Soul Survivor, St. B’s Hall,  William de Yaxley C of E Academy,  Lakeside Healthcare at Yaxley,  Yaxley Mothers’ Union,  Yaxley Parish Council,  Open Doors

In addition to these local organisations, we also support our international mission partners, who are committed to serving communities further afield:

Diocese of Cyangugu, Rwanda, Central Africa

Bishop Nathan Amooti works for the Anglican Church of Rwanda, located in the Western Province of Rwanda. The diocese is responsible for feeding programmes, micro-finance projects, building homes for genocide victims, running medical clinics, schools, guest-houses, and farms. It also supports a range of local businesses from craft trade to tailoring workshops.

As well as financially supporting their work – for example, helping to fund the build of St. Peter’s Church in Kabahire – we have had the opportunity to send teams from Yaxley out to Rwanda to provide physical and spiritual support. A hugely fulfilling experience for all.

Star School, Rwanda, Central Africa

Star School is located in Rwanda, on the hills outside the capital Kigali. The school was founded in 2008 with just 45 students by Bishop Nathan Amooti. There are now over 700 children in its nursery, primary, and secondary schools.

The vision of Star School is to enable students to succeed, regardless of the circumstances into which they were born. A key factor allowing the school to pursue this vision is child sponsorship. Many individuals within St. Peter’s congregation sponsor children at Star School through Mission Possible UK. As a church we have been sponsoring a child called Hope for several years.

Mission Possible UK, UK Registered Charity

Mission Possible UK is a Christian organisation that operates in Eastern Europe and Central Africa. Their mission is to equip the local Christians to more effectively reach suffering and searching people and to bring them the Gospel message, biblical teaching, and physical and social help.

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