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Pom-poms Spread to the North East!

23 Sep 2020, midnight
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It was lovely to hear from someone who had been inspired by the pompom display in Swaffham Bulbeck in 2014...

I am writing to thank you for your church, St Mary's at Swaffham Bulbeck being an inspiration to our churches in the Upper Pont Benefice, Northumberland, including another St Mary's at Stamfordham.

Last December, my husband was sent a link to the Church Times article about the pom pom display done in 2014. I asked him to share it with our vicar, Rachel Scheffer as she would be interested. She was and asked if we could do it here-and so we did! Our benefice includes over 1700 people. The pom poms were completed just as the country went into lockdown . It took me some time to thread them up for display after I could get into the churches to measure up. The display has just been completed this week. I have some vases of pom poms in white, black and grey, kept back for All Souls to symbolise those we have lost from our community. Adults and children took part in the making both in groups(pre covid) and individually.

Attached are some pictures.

I wrote to Mary Jane Montgomerie House and hope she received the letter and photo. If not please pass on this email to thank her.

Sue Parker