Church of England Diocese of St.Albans Potton

Easter Vestry and Annual Parish Church Meetings scheduled for 21 March have been POSTPONED

2 Mar 2021, 10:45 a.m.
Although the meetings for 21st March have been postponed, the following information pertains for the meetings when they are held.

An Easter Vestry Meeting will be held to elect 2 Church Wardens.

Anybody on the Church Electoral Roll and the Civil Electoral Roll is entitled to attend and vote. However only those who have who have been on the Church Electoral Roll for more than 6 months can seek election as a Church Warden, noting other criteria, on the application form, have to be met, too.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Our Church Wardens are Hazel Rozanska and Brendan Moore and they are both happy to continue in order to support and help Reverend Alex Wheatley in his first year of ministry.</span>

Notwithstanding, should anybody wish to put their names forward, they should contact David Tall, and he will forward the appropriate paperwork. It must be returned before the meeting starts. If there are no applications the current CWs will continue for another year. If there are additional applicants there will be an election at the Easter Vestry.

The Easter Vestry will be followed by the Annual Parish Church Meeting.  Part of the meeting includes an election to fill two vacancies on the PCC.   If you wish to be elected to the PCC please contact David Tall as per above. Again, applicants must have been on the Electoral Roll for six months and meet the other criteria described on the application form. If there are more than 3 applicants there will be an election. Anybody can attend this meeting, but only those who have been on the Electoral Roll for more than six months may cast a vote on any resolution. Please note resolutions passed at this meeting cannot be enacted until the 2022 APCM.

Hitherto, the APCM appointed Sidespeople, but that is now done by the PCC.

One of the reports made to the meeting concerns the number on the Electoral Roll. If you wish to join it, please contact David Tall. If you are uncertain if you are already on it, David will be able to tell you.<div>

There is a statutory requirement to post various notices concerning the APCM in the Church Porch, including formal notice of the date of the Eater Vestry and APCM, and we will meet this obligation.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">In addition extra information will be included in future Sunday Links and on the Church Website.</span>

The meetings will be Chaired by the Reverend Alex Wheatley.