A series of reflections on the global pandemic in the context of Jesus’ journey to the cross

Here - and there

These resources are an opportunity for adults and young people to explore, in a biblical context, the challenges and changes to everyday life that we have experienced during the pandemic.

The six scenes connect these themes and Bible passages:

Healing presence – Simon’s house, Mark 14.3-9<div>
Provision – the upper room, Mark 14.17-25

Isolation – the garden of Gethsemane, Mark 14.32-42

Living with tension – the courtyard, Mark 15.6-15

Anguish – the cross, Mark 15.33-39

Hope – the tomb, Mark 15.42-47

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The scenes take us through Mark’s account of Jesus’ journey to the cross (chapters 14 and 15). Each scene makes a connection between ‘here’, our world today, and ‘there’, the world of the Passion narrative. The connecting points are brought to life through voices talking about experiences in the pandemic, contrasted with a voice from a character in the Gospel.

Questions for conversation and reflection, an image, a prayer action, and suggestions for music to listen to, offer different ways to consider how the pandemic has affected lives today alongside familiar passages of Scripture.