Covid 19 FAQs

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">We are delighted to be resuming our worship at 10am on Sunday mornings and we would love to welcome you. We are committed to making St Thomas’s a safe place for you to come to worship and encounter God. Please read carefully the following details of the safety measures that we have put into place during Covid-19 to ensure that we minimise the risk to yourself and your family.</span>

Entry into Church

Where should I enter?

Please enter via the main doors at the front of the church.

What time do the doors open?

Our doors will open 30 minutes prior to the service.

To ensure others safety, is there anything additional I can do when entering church?

Yes, we’ve added some extra directions for your own and others safety.

• Please wear a suitable face mask as you enter the building and we will require you to keep this on for the duration of your visit.

• Please use the hand sanitisers available as you enter.

• Please maintain current social distancing rules whilst in the church building (1 metre plus) outside of your own households or support bubbles.

• If you have an offering to give please place this in to the plate as you enter.

• Please then make your way directly to your seats, following the one way directions that are clearly marked on the floor.

• Please note, no books will be handed out. All service sheets etc. will be left on designated seats (See below).

• A contact details form will be included. Please complete this and leave it on your seat when you leave.

Where can I sit?

You can sit in the designated seats that have been appropriately spaced.

Can I sit with my own household or support bubble?

Yes, you may sit with other people in your own household or support bubble.

How will I know where to sit?

There will be someone at the door to welcome and direct you.

Can I bring my children to the service?

Yes, of course, children are always welcome to our church. They are an important part of our congregation and we look forward to seeing them. All we ask is that parents or carers from the same household ensure their children maintain social distancing.

Will toilets be available?

Yes. Please use the hand sanitiser before entering and throw the paper towels into the waste bin.

During the Service

Can I move seats during the service?

Once you have found your seat, we ask you remain there for the duration of the service unless you need to use the toilet facilities.

Will I be able to sing?

Unfortunately, no. The piano, organ or pre-recorded hymns will be played during the service, but only to listen to.

Can we share the peace?

Yes, but you may only physically share the peace with those in your household or bubble. You may turn to people around you and use a visual sign of peace, as directed by the service leader.

Will I be able to take communion?

Yes, but only the bread. There are a number of other safeguards in place:

• The bread for distribution will only be uncovered after the Eucharistic prayer.

• Instead of coming to the communion rail, please follow the markings on the floor to the front of church when directed. For those who need assistance, communion will be brought to you.

• Clergy will have sanitised their hands.

• Bread will be dropped into a person’s hands with no physical contact.

• The clergy will pray ‘the body of Christ keep you in eternal life’ silently.

• Clergy will wear face masks.

What if I don’t wish to receive communion or am not confirmed or able to?

Simply hold your service book in front of you and a silent prayer or blessing will be administered to you.

Leaving Church

Are there any plans to ensure safety as we leave the church?

Yes, we will be instructing all congregation members to leave the church building as quickly as possible whilst maintaining social distancing. There is a large green space outside the front of the building that is suitable for socially distanced conversation.

To reduce the numbers crowding round exits, the following exits will be open:

• The front doors

• The Wilbury Hall exit into the car park.

Upon exiting, please move away from the doors to enable others to leave safely.