Church of England Diocese of St.Albans St. Stephen, St. Albans

YOU can make an icon

8 Apr 2020, 12:15 p.m.
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In these strange times we are living in, try a bit of adult art. I know many of you will cry 'I'm useless at art' and some of you may still be fully occupied with the demands of work, children and the like.

It's just an idea, not compulsory but it might be something to try rather than just seeing endless news bulletins. You can download a guide sheet on icons from this page. Now, icon art is not so much about art but about prayer and it might be a helpful process to think of people you are grateful for in your life, rather than someone who is recognised as an actual saint. 

An icon of St Alban started with a bit of cardboard box. Another, of Mary (sister of Martha and Lazarus) is on a bit of cardboard too. Having something creative on the go is very therapeutic.

If we had a few, we could do a little display when we do make it back inside our churches.

Have a think, have a go....even with a biro on the back of an old envelope, and even if it's like one a friend saw on a wall somewhere of a saintly person washing the dishes!