Outreach, Social & Fundraising

Outreach, Social and Fundraising: St. Peter's run a homegroup from time to time, enabling those that wish to, to gather for support, learning and growing together in Faith; exploring the gospel further; reflecting on sermons and topics raised by our Rector or Lay Leader of Worship. Various social and fundraising events, ranging from Fetes, Christmas Tree Festivals, Pew Top Sales which raise funds for church means we are a busy, caring and energetic church family.  

Our Social and Fundraising Subcommittee: This subcommittee has some PCC members and Non-PCC members by choice and co-option that enjoy and continue to play an important part in the life of the church without the full responsibility of PCC membership. Through this subcommittee we plan social and fundraising events that are presented to the PCC for approval. These events raise vital funds in the life of the church as a whole or for specific purposes; whilst providing opportunities for the community to come together with our church at the heart of these. 

We'll be adding our social and fundraising events on this website in the services and events page, the news and notices page and on our facebook page as they are confirmed.

You are warmly invited to our events.

Want to become involved, help or learn more about this?.... Then we'd be delighted to hear from you by dropping us at line at: [email protected] or speak with Kelvin and Stacey White on 01525 210337.  

You can read about why we have a social and fundraising subcommittee below.

Purpose of our Social and Fundraising Subcommittee? To enable the PCC to continue with its transactions whilst providing additional sufficient time to in the life of our church and parish in between and during meetings without spending too much time on the finer details of social & fundraising events. The social and fundraising subcommittee have the freedom to gather to discuss social and fundraising activities and be the key people and supporters in bringing these activities to life. Any ideas and dates will then be presented to PCC for approval by a member of the PCC.

Why a Social & Fundraising Subcommittee? We've taken on board some suggestions and great ideas in recent years that has  transformed our outreach and connections within Milton Bryan and of the wider Benefice community and beyond, from those who are not necessarily PCC members and would rather not hold that level of responsibility, but are very keen to help, play important and different roles in fundraising and social events. The PCC recognizes this and encourages those willing to come along and consider bringing your talents, gifts and ideas to the table of a social & fundraising subcommittee. You may like to just come along, listen, support and help as ideas start to come to life and fruition. The PCC recognizes the importance of everyone who plays a part, however large or small, that they are valued and respected. The PCC supports the opportunity for others to gather in less formal meetings where they may be allowed in accordance with the Church Representation Rules to become members of a sub-committee (without being a PCC member) for the benefit of the life and mission of St. Peter’s Church, Milton Bryan as a whole.

The subcommittee is formed under the observation of the PCC and of the Church Representation Rules: Parochial Church Councils: Part 2: Section 15, Other Committees: The Rector will be a member of the sub-committee ex-officio and that the sub-committee may include therein persons who are not members of the council. Furthermore, the Rector and PCC will be informed in advance of the date, time and location of the meetings of the sub-committee. The Rector and PCC members will make the overall and final decisions about all the fund-raising and social events proposed by the sub-committee.