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4 Jul 2020, 10:45 p.m.
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Dear all

Here we are on 4th July, the day when hairdressers, pubs, holiday cottages and more emerge forth, people are travelling to spend time with families. Churches are now officially allowed to open for Public Worship, weddings can take place and we can begin to discuss baptisms again. Despite the Government clearance to open for Public Worship there are many practical issues to consider, and a lot of guidelines to read and put into place; so, many churches, including ours within the Quintet, will not be opening for Sunday Public worship yet but each church is either open or about to open for Private prayer. We are moving gently forward to a time when we can gather physically in church again.. but we must be safe.

It is an interesting concept how we will manage the hosting of Public Worship Sunday services in the future whilst also looking to live stream services too. Some churches are investigating how to install broadband connections and this may be something that we also need to consider. Life's experiences move us forward into new times and new ways. Gently does it. One step at a time.

Our Services and events this week

Our weekly Quintet pre-recorded service is accessed by about 200 people on Facebook alone, and other people connect direct to Harlington website, or access via the link in this email so church has taken on a new and exciting dimension. Our service this week includes young Toby and Joshua from Chalgrave Church (and Messy Church and Youth Group) as our Bible readers, Marcel from Harlington Church offers our Intercessions, Jenna Dearden (Ordinand from Westoning) offers a lovely sermon this week, and Nicholas plays skillful accompaniment for our hymns and music. Thank you so much to everyone involved in our service this week, which has been filmed at Harlington Church.

The Upper Room: zoom worship service takes place for an hour at 9am on Sunday morning. People gather from across the Quintet of churches, but also on occasions with visitors from Gloucestershire! This week we are looking at 'Coming to Faith' and 3 ladies will give brief testimonies of their journey (following on from 3 men sharing their stories last week). There will be scripture, music and prayer in an hour of peace and reflection. Last week we had 37 people visiting the Upper Room and many have said how that hour sets them up for the day. Do join us if you can. Please contact Linda or Nigel for access link (Tel. 01525 714442). 

Morning Prayer:

Tuesday morning at 9.30am via zoom link. You are most welcome to join us for 45 minutes of sharing Bible passages, prayer and reflection. Please contact Linda or Nigel for the access link (Tel. 01525 714442).

Zoom coffee Mornings: Please contact Linda or Nigel for the access link (Tel. 01525 714442).

Harlington 10.30am on Tuesday

Westoning 10.15am on Wednesday

Toddington and Chalgrave 10.30am on Thursday

Do please join us for one or more events, if you can.

Quintet Churches open for Private Prayer as follows:

Toddington church is open on Monday 12 noon to 2pm and Friday 10-12noon

Harlington Church will be open tomorrow afternoon 2-3pm and Thursday 10-11am.

Tingrith Church will be open Sundays 11-12 noon

Westoning Church is open for private prayer Wednesday 12 -1pm and Saturday 2-3pm

Chalgrave Church will be open 11-12 noon on Thursdays from 16th July.

Response please

As we move forward into these new stages please link with us and tell how you are feeling about worship and meeting opportunities now, and also how you feel about future worship e.g. are you keen to return to church, or reticent? We would really value your comments.

We send our love in Christ, and our prayers. Please keep safe, take care of yourselves.

Linda and Nigel