Church of England Diocese of St.Albans Toddington

News from Priest-in-Charge

1 Aug 2020, 11:45 p.m.
Church_news From_the_Vicar

Dear All

We hope you have had a good week and have enjoyed the lovely sunshine this week-end. It was a scorcher on Friday!

Online Recorded Service: This week our recorded service, which was filmed at Tingrith Church, can be accessed on this usual link: If you have difficulties accessing by the link, please also consider logging on to Harlington Church website where you will find a link for This Sunday's service linked to a picture, which you can click and it will take you direct to the filmed service.

Online The Upper Room Service: 9am Sunday morning: please contact Linda or Nigel for access link, see contact details below.Outdoor Sunday Service: Our outdoor Sunday morning services are proving to be increasingly popular as an opportunity to gather in safety in the fresh air. This week we meet as follows:

Harlington Church 10.15am (Outdoor Sunday morning service sheet)

Chalgrave Church 10.30am (please bring a chair) Sunday 2nd August Service Sheet

Westoning Church 11am (please bring a chair) Sunday 2nd August Service Sheet

Toddington Church 11.15am (please bring a chair although some chairs will be provided) Sunday 2nd August Service Sheet

next week Tingrith Church will also meet for their first outdoor service at 10.15am on Sunday.

While there is an increased risk of virus spread, we will continue to meet outdoors on Sunday mornings (and Wednesday morning at Harlington) - weather permitting.

At each service, please sterilise your hands on arrival and on leaving. If possible, please print and bring your own copy of the respective service sheet and take it home with you afterwards (there will be some copies available at each church). Service sheets attached Sunday 2nd August will be used at Chalgrave, Toddington and Westoning. Outdoor Sunday morning service sheet will be used at Harlington. A list of attendees and contact numbers will be taken at each service for track and trace purposes.

Zoom gatherings this week:

9.30am Tuesday Morning Prayer (please ask Linda for the access link)

10.30am Tuesday Harlington Church

10.15am Wednesday Westoning Church

11am Wednesday Toddington/Chalgrave Churches

Other Services and events:

9.30am Monday Morning Prayer in the Chancel at Toddington Church (Government guidance requires that we now wear a face mask inside the building for Public Worship). Please meet at the Chancel door.

10am Wednesday Morning Prayer gathering outdoors at Harlington Church

Private Prayer:

Thursday 11-12 noon Chalgrave Church

Thursday 10- 11am Harlington Church

Thursday 10-11.30am Toddington Church

Wednesday 12 -1pm Westoning Church

If you would be interested to gather for an 8am BCP service of Morning Prayer at Harlington Church, next Sunday 9th August, can you please let me or Nigel know.


You may have heard on the news this week about the financial difficulties of Westminster Abbey which has suffered greatly from the loss of tourist and service income (12 million pounds deficit due to the Covid-19 situation so far this year). Unfortunately, many churches are facing deficit situations with our doors having been closed for so long. During the lockdown, our main focus within the Quintet, and within St Albans diocese, has to be to support you as best as we can, and to provide services and gatherings to allow us to worship and meet together. This continues to be our focus alongside your pastoral well being. However, church finances are a concern for the future and so we need to come up to date with new technology and opportunities to meet the approach of the cashless society. For now, there continues to be an offering plate available at each church at our services (both indoor and outdoor) to receive offerings by envelope or cash. However, the collection plate will be in a static place to avoid shared touching, as we are no longer permitted to pass the plate around due to infection risk.

Other opportunities to make an offering are by Card Reader at Toddington, Harlington and Westoning Churches; by donation button on the websites at Harlington, Westoning or Toddington, (or A church Near You page at Toddington). If you are interested to set up a regular payment direct from your bank account, Westoning, Harlington and Toddington have Parish Giving literature and facility available, or please contact the Treasurers for any of our Quintet churches for the church bank details. If you would like to receive a set of envelopes at home, or for someone to pop by to see you, please do let us know. We thank you for your generosity and kindness in the contributions you already make to your local church which enables us to continue in our outreach and Christian witness, and in the upkeep of these wonderful places of worship. Your contributions are truly appreciated. Thank you!

With love and prayers

Linda and Nigel