Church of England Diocese of St.Albans Toddington

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10 Oct 2020, 9:30 p.m.
Church_news From_the_Vicar

Hello everyone

We hope you are well and keeping safe. This week has been a busy week for us, as I am sure it has been for you too. We enjoyed grabbing time together to record this week's service and hope you find it helpful.. especially if you can't get to church tomorrow, or are shielding.

Church Services this week:

Toddington Church: 11.15am Holy Communion in church

Chalgrave Church: 9.30am Holy Communion Service in church

Harlington Church: 9.30am Holy Communion Service in church

Tingrith Church: 9.30am Morning Worship in church

Westoning Church: 11am Holy Communion service, in church

Social Distancing will apply at each church and you are requested to please wear a face mask in church. You will already be aware to sanitise your hands on entering the church, before coming forward to receive Communion, and also as you leave church. We have a QR code up at the entrance to each church if you are using the NHS track and trace app, but your names and contact details will also be listed for Track and Trace purposes. When coming forward to receive the Communion wafer please extend out your arms with open palms to receive the wafer. This is to maintain a safe distance between you and the minister.

Other Services this week and upcoming events:

Sunday 6pm The Upper Room worship by Zoom, with the theme of 'Be Thou My Vision' (please contact Rev'd Linda for the link)

Monday 9.30am Morning Prayer Toddington Church

Tuesday 9.30am Morning Prayer by Zoom (please ask Linda for the link)

Wednesday 10am Morning Worship, Harlington Church

Wednesday 12 noon an hour of Private Prayer, Westoning Church

Thursday 10.30am Private Prayer, Toddington Church

Next week's Sunday services and events

Toddington 11.15am Morning Worship

Chalgrave 9.30am Morning Worship

Harlington 9.30am Confirmation Service with Bishop Richard

Tingrith - no service

Westoning 10am A special Family Service (no 11am service)

Monday 19th Toddington Annual Parochial Church Meeting (7.30pm) commencing with Evening Prayer at 7pm

Sunday 25th Chalgrave Annual Parochial Church Meeting commencing with public worship at 2.30pm (no morning service).

We send you our prayers and our care. Please do link with us if you need a chat or wish to share.

God bless

Linda & Nigel