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20 Feb 2021, 9:45 p.m.
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Dear All,
Another week passes and with vaccines rolling out quickly and infection rates falling there is room for optimism. True infection rates are higher than they were in December and hospitals are still under pressure with very sick patients but if we can be vigilant for another month, observing protocols and socially distancing within lockdown then we can be optimistic about the Spring and Summer and we can begin doing some of the things we have missed so much…like having a haircut or cake or coffee in a restaurant or coming to church with complete confidence. Oh, how we have missed you as we operate behind computer screens, at desks, offering services into individual homes. It is good that we have had the technology to broadcast a whole range of services but how good it will be when we can meet in church, look at each other and perhaps even sing a hymn!! Wow, how wonderful that will be. But until then best behaviour everyone.
The week past has seen us gathering on zoom for some special services which mark that we have entered into Lent. On Tuesday we had Evening Prayer led by Nick Crago as he trains as an LLW. On Wednesday we had two Ash Wednesday services and Thursday evening concluded with a beautifully peaceful Compline. Do tune in next week as we observe Lent and watch out for details of the Lent Course which will be starting soon.
We hope you are well. We try to walk each day as the fresh air seems to have the capacity to lift the heart and amongst the bare trees and wet leafy paths there does seem to be some life springing forth. What joy.
This Sunday's services will be as follows:

9.30am Morning worship at Harlington church

The Recorded Service is available on the usual link:

11am Online Quintet Morning Worship via Zoom: Please use link in poster above to enter.

 The Upper Room Worship at 6pm by Zoom: Access link available from Rev'd Linda

This week's services are as follows (zoom access links available from Rev'd Linda):
Morning Prayer 9.30am on Tuesday 23rd by zoom

Morning Prayer 9.30am on Wednesday 24th by zoom

Harlington Morning Worship 10.30am Wednesday 24th (Others welcome) by zoom

Compline Thursday eve 9pm 25th by zoom

Afternoon Tea by zoom
Toddington and Chalgrave 4.30pm on Wednesday 24th

Plans are underway to follow the Archbishop's Lent Course on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm for Westoning, Tingrith and Harlington. This will take place on Tuesday evenings March 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd. Please contact Nigel for more details. It is hoped to host an alternative Lent course for Chalgrave Church and Toddington Church (details to be issued soon), although you will also be welcome to join Westoning's course.

Next Sunday there will be the 11am Zoom Morning service and the 6pm Upper Room zoom service with a Lenten focus, plus the Recorded Service which will be issued on Saturday.

Please enjoy the sunshine and the approach of Spring this week. We look forward to seeing you all soon.
God bless

Linda and Nigel