Church of England Diocese of St.Albans Haynes

Pew Sheet for Easter 2020

9 Apr 2020, 8 p.m.

All Church Buildings are now closed

The Benefice of Campton, Clophill & Haynes

12th April 2020

Easter Sunday

Readers: Audrey Brand, Liz Le Mesurier and Martin Randall

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Lord of all life and power,

who through the mighty resurrection of your Son

overcame the old order of sin and death

to make all things new in him:

grant that we, being dead to sin

and alive to you in Jesus Christ,

may reign with him in glory;

to whom with you and the Holy Spirit

be praise and honour, glory and might,

now and in all eternity.

First Reading Acts 10 34 – 43

Second Reading Colossians 3. 1 – 4

Gospel Reading Matthew 28. 1 – 10

Thank you, risen Jesus,

that you are my Lord and Saviour.

In you I have joy and hope, always. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ,

you taught us to love our neighbour,

and to care for those in need

as if we were caring for you.

In this time of anxiety, give us strength

to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick,

and to assure the isolated

of our love, and your love,

for your name’s sake. Amen.

Please remember in your Prayers...

Those who are unwell or in any kind of need:

Paul Cosford, Ray James, Christine Fellini, Betty Hampson, Len Bushby, Geoff Woods, Diana Drake, Rossie Windridge (Maggie Marsh’s Mother).

Good Friday and Easter Services

BBC Radio 4 Good Friday Meditation at 3pm

BBC 1 Easter Sunday Worship at 11.25am from Bangor Cathedral, Wales.

BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship at 08.10am with the Archbishop of Canterbury from his kitchen at Lambeth Palace.

Revd. Roni Goodman has kindly invited the Benefice to her Good Friday and Easter Services from the Rectory in Meppershall. (Service Sheets attached)

Good Friday Service at 10.30am

Saturday 21.00hrs will be based on the usual Compline - but people might like to have a candle to hand...

Easter Sunday morning 10.30am (people might like to have a candle to hand and a "noise maker”)

These are strange times we are walking through. We seem firmly embroiled in our own “Good Friday” Corona Virus event at the moment. We may not all feel like celebrating, and we are most likely unable to mark the events of this week and celebrate Easter in our usual way. But the joys of Easter Sunday were won for us - hard won for us. God does not promise there will be no dark Good Friday moments - but he has won the victory, and He does promise to walk through the dark moments with us into the new days beyond…

Praying for a Happy and Holy and healthy Easter for you all. Revd Roni Goodman.

Bishop Alan, Bishop of St Albans has sent details of online services for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

The Flourishing Churches Team has produced downloadable services for Good Friday and Easter day:


We wish all our families and friends a blessed and Holy Easter. May this day bring you blessings of love, joy, peace and hope.

Love from all at St Mary’s Haynes. Stay safe. Ann Adams, Church Warden, Haynes.

A Happy Easter to everyone despite the circumstances, we can still rejoice on Sunday ‘Christ is risen, allelluia’. Audrey Brand

On Palm Sunday I took the opportunity to join the on-line morning service conducted by the Revs Andrew and Roni Goodman from Meppershall/Shefford. Please see the links Maggie is posting on this pew sheet and join in if you can. Nothing can substitute for our usual Easter services but in these challenging times it is good to feel included as part of a congregation at a distance. I recommend the Meppershall service to you. Rosemary Ilett, Churchwarden, Clophill

Kathy Taylor has sent a Chocolate pudding recipe, may be an Easter Day treat?

Chocolate sponge pudding with sauce


2 medium eggs

4oz soft margarine

4oz caster sugar

4oz SR flour

1tblspn cocoa powder

Splash of milk

Add sugar to margarine and cream. Add half the flour and and egg, mix and then add the remaining ingredients. Mix to a smooth consistency. If you want the sponge to be very chocolatey, add extra cocoa powder and a little more milk.

Put sponge mixture in a greased baking dish and smooth so that it’s no more than half full.


1tblspn instant coffee granules

1tblspn cocoa powder

2oz caster sugar

Combine above ingredients and add boiling water to make a medium ‘gloopy’ sauce.

Heat over to 160C (fan) or 180C or gas mark 6.

Pour sauce OVER the sponge mix and place in the hot oven. As the pudding cooks, the sauce will thicken underneath the sponge. It takes about 25-35 minutes (depending on your oven) to cook.

Serves four or five. Serve hot with quality vanilla ice cream or thick double cream for a delicious and rich chocolatey pudding. You can increase of decrease the ingredients to suit a larger of smaller pudding; adjust cooking times accordingly.

Sally Strong has sent an idea how to decorate a cake with flowers.

This year I couldn’t go out and buy my eggs and chickens for the top of the Easter cake because I was isolating.

I thought back to when I was at school and remembered decorating an Easter cake with flowers from the garden.....dipped in egg White and then caster sugar so that they were crystallised....I picked some violets and primroses from my garden and this is the attached.

Happy Easter

Maggie Marsh

[email protected]