The Week Ahead

In addition to what is stated blow Fr Rob and Selina have many other Zoom meetings with individuals and deanery/diocesan appointments     

Please note that all physical events are subject to change         


Monday 1              8:30am   Morning Prayer via Zoom
                                7:30pm  DVC Council [Bruce to chair]
                                8:30pm  General compline for August
Tuesday 2           10:00am   Parish Midweek Eucharist at Christ the King Hub
                               8:30pm   Compline for today available on SoundCloud
Wednesday 3       8:30am   Morning Prayer via Zoom
                               2:30pm   Theatre Visit to Bridge Theatre; Southbury Child
                               8:30pm   General Compline for August
Thursday 4           9:00am    Summer Tea, Toast and Toddlers at Christ the King Hub
                               7:30pm    Theatre Review via Zoom
                               8:30pm    Compline for today available on SoundCloud
Friday 5                 8:30am    Morning Prayer via Zoom
                               9:00am    Coffee Pot at St John's
                               8:30pm    General Compline for August
Saturday 6            8:30am    Morning Prayer via Zoom
                               9:00am    Hub Cafe opens at Christ the King Hub
                               1:00pm    Holy Baptism
                               7:00pm    Transfiguration Supper at The Rectory [Ticket only]
                               8:30pm    General Compline for August 

                               7:00am   Parish Audio Service available on SoundCloud
                               9:30am   Parish Eucharist at St John's
                            11:00am   Methodist Service at Digswell Village Church
                              6:30pm   Healing Service at St John's Church
                              8:30pm   General Compline for August






We are delighted that services will be in church where those who are able, will gather together.

      -  that you sanitise your hands

      -  that you maintain social distance from others at all times. This is important even if you have been vaccinated as others'
         are still waiting for theirs. 

The 8am service will not resume for the time being to avoid multiple cleaning necessary on Sundays.


Morning Prayer every Mon, Weds, Fri & Sat at 8:30am via Zoom
Compline with Hymns Tuesdays and Thursday and Saturdays via SoundCloud
Compline for Every Day  - all other evenings via SoundCloud