Thought for today

In Jesus’ story the Samaritan goes to extraordinary lengths to care for the injured man. The two silver coins he gives the innkeeper don’t sound much but, in Jesus’ day, they were two days’ wages, enough to feed, house and care for the wounded man for two months! The Good Samaritan is really generous to a complete stranger, someone of a different race and faith, his country’s enemy but, in God’s eyes, his neighbour, someone in need.

Jesus wants his story to challenge us: how generous would we be to a stranger in need?

Does their race or faith matter or moral standing?

Jesus takes us out of our comfort zone in calling us to see everyone as our brother or sister, living out the prayer which he taught us, “OUR Father”. His love of neighbour involves caring for everyone, even the stranger, enemy, the person who hates us, the people we find difficult or tend to write off, the drug addict, the alcoholic, the criminal, the ne’er-do-wells...

And the Creed and the colour and the name won’t matter, were YOU there? (Sydney Carter hymn)

(Sydney Carter hymn)