Thought for today

The Fool with nowhere to lay his head

Came out of nowhere

Giving away all he hadn’t got

And making people rich, whole,

Saved and satisfied,

The Fool who prayed on the hill

The Fool who came down from the hill

Chose a crew of oddballs and

Made them into cannonballs

For his salvo of grace,

The Fool who taught on the hill.

The Fool pushed onto the hill

By the people he scandalised in church,

Walked calmly down through them and

Continued with wisdom,

The Fool on the hill whose time had not yet come.

The Fool who died on the hill,

Betrayed, degraded and deserted,

Too foolish in life to disclose his meaning,

A folly confounding this world’s wisdom,

The Fool who conquered on the hill.

The Fool who bestrode the hill

In unprecedented glory,

Bestowing his colossal riches

On those who would receive him,

The Fool ascending the hill

To the Father’s eternal glory.

(David Grieve)