Church of England Diocese of St.Albans Aston

Revd Jen's 10 GOOD NEWS.

Rev Jen’s 10 GOOD NEWS Getting married, having a baby, passing an exam, getting a job, winning the lottery...that’s good news. Stories of courage, kindness, healing, forgiveness...that’s good news. Jesus has GOOD NEWS for all people...gospel means good news.... but what is it?

1. Good news that EVERYONE matters to exceptions, no favourites ...we are each loved, as we are.

2. That whatever we’ve done, it’s NEVER too late to say sorry and start again.

3. That life is hard but NOT hopeless. That death is NOT the end, for Jesus or for us.

4. That we’re RICH if we enjoy what we have, not if we have more.

5. That we’re BLESSED if we GIVE time and receive money, skills, love.

6. That no-one’s perfect. That forgiving others sets us FREE.

7. That treating others as we’d like them to treat us is the way to PEACE.

8. That God wants justice and well-being for all people. Faith acts and changes lives.

9. That God wants us to grow in LOVE not keep religious rules.

10. That LOVE is risky, love hurts. But love/goodness trump hate/evil. Love always wins.