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Easter Quiz

QUIZ TIME… Test your bible knowledge on Easter. Thank you to

Level 1 - Easy - 1 Point Easter Quiz Questions

1. I betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver; who am I?

2. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on me; who am I?

3. I denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed; who am I?

4. The people called for me to be set free instead of Jesus; who am I?

5. I was crucified beside Jesus; who am I?

6. I told the women at the tomb not to be afraid and that Jesus had risen; who am I?

Level 2 - Harder - 3 Point Easter Quiz Questions

7. When Jesus was on the cross, He asked me to take care of His mother.

8. I laid Jesus in my own tomb; who am I?

9. I was the High Priest who accused Jesus and wanted Him dead; who am I?

10. I anointed Jesus with expensive perfume; who am I?

11. They brought Jesus to me for trial, but I found no guilt in Him; who am I?

12. I cut off the ear of the High Priest’s servant; who am I?

13. I went early to the tomb and saw the stone rolled away; who am I?

Level 3 - Hardest - 5 Point Easter Quiz Questions

14. My book in the Bible prophesies that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem; who am I?

15. I was the High Priest’s servant who had his ear cut off; who am I?

16. I went with Joseph to bury Jesus in the tomb; who am I?

17. I saw Jesus after His resurrection on the road to Emmaus; who am I?

18. I carried the cross for Jesus when He could no longer; who am I?

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