Church of England Diocese of St.Albans Aston

Trinity Sunday 7th June Sermon


Trinity Sunday 7th June 2020.   Readings: Isaiah 40.12-17,  2 Corinthians 13.11-13, Matthew 28. 16-20.

Like many people in lockdown Peter and I are discovering a world of wild flowers, birds, butterflies and animals. We’ve seen hares in the fields around Church Lane, chasing each other like the image of the Trinity carved in wood in many Devon churches and in other art. Three hares running in a circle, sharing three ears between them, each having two ears.... a symbol of God the Holy Trinity, we celebrate today...God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three in one and one in three.

The Trinity sounds strange and complicated…try explaining it to school children or people of other faiths or none! But, through Jesus’ teaching, death, resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost, his followers come to realize that, incredible as it seemed, their friend Jesus, the carpenter preacher and healer, is God with us. The man who lived on earth 2000 years ago in Palestine is in St John’s words ‘the Word made flesh who dwelt among us’ – God showing the people of Israel, and people everywhere, how to live His way of love… teaching us to truly love each other as He loves us, through the power of His Holy Spirit. The message of Jesus, the message of the whole Bible is that God, the Creator of all that is, is our dear Heavenly Father, who longs for us to be in loving relationship with Him, each other and the whole of creation.

The mind blowing truth of our Christian faith is that the God who created us lives in Jesus and in us….mind blowing because Jesus’ disciples were Jews who firmly believe that God is one, holy and beyond us. But, because of Easter and Pentecost, his followers realize God is in Jesus and in us. God who is Almighty and glorious is with us in Jesus, and, in the Holy Spirit…beyond us yet among us and in us, our Creator, Savior and Sustainer … our Maker, Redeemer and Inspirer… our Heavenly Father, Brother and Friend. We may not ‘get’ the theology, but, what matters is knowing God loves us and showing God's love in our care for others… living God’s love, with generosity and joy, imagination and courage for the sake of the world and in the name of Jesus…. our St Albans’ diocese prayer.

We’re baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We pray ‘in the power of the Spirit, in union with Christ, to our Heavenly Father.' We’re blessed in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each time we pray we’re drawn deeper into relationship with God and one another, strengthened in love, joy, peace, gentleness, kindness, patience, faithfulness, generosity and self control. Father, Son and Holy Spirit comfort, encourage, support, guide and transform us. God the Holy Trinity invites us to join their circle of love…and be people who love in all circumstances, especially when love is difficult. So this Trinity Sunday we pray:

Good caring presence within us, around us and above us; Hold us in a sense of mystery and wonder. Let the fullness of your goodness be within us and around us; Let all the world know your ways of caring and generosity…May we know that we are accepted…

We celebrate the gifts you have given us – the rich kingdom of life’s possibilities, the power to do good… and the moments when we have seen the glory and wonder of everything. You are life’s richness. You are life’s power. You are life’s ultimate meaning Amen. 

Please see Hare image attached.

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