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Rev Jen 10 Hopeful things from 2020

1. January 2020 over fishing was reversed for half the world’s catch

2. February 2020 the global death rate for cancer fell worldwide by 15% (due to decline in smoking) 

3. March 2020 Unesco figures recorded gender parity (equal numbers of boys and girls) worldwide for primary and secondary education (although not yet in adult literacy) 

4. April 2020 Saudi Arabia abolished flogging convicts and the death sentence for minors 

5. June 2020 the world’s 2<sup>nd</sup> largest Ebola outbreak in the DRC ended. In August Africa was declared free of wild polio. An estimated 1.8 million cases were prevented. 

6. September 2020 renewable solar wind hydro and biomass generated more power than all fossil fuels on the European grid 

7. <span style="font-size: 1rem;">November 2020 Global terrorism deaths fell for 5th consecutive year in 2020</span>

8. November 2020 the WHO said malaria deaths fell to lowest level last year – 1.5 billion cases and 7.6 million deaths have been prevented since 2000. 

9. Pneumonia is the biggest threat to children worldwide – November 2020 the death rate fell by 50% since 2011. 

10. November 2020 an important breakthrough in fight against Aids. December 2020 a universal flu vaccine to protect against virus mutations passed its first stage. 

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