Church of England Diocese of Newcastle Bellingham

St Cuthbert's Three-Church Trail

10 Sep 2021, midnight

The St Cuthbert’s Three-Church Trail links the three St. Cuthbert’s churches in North Tyne and Redesdale, travelling from Elsdon to Corsenside and Bellingham.

The three churches are dedicated in the name of St Cuthbert, as being places where his coffin rested in the 9th century or even places which Cuthbert may have visited in the 7th century as he made long missionary journeys in remote Northumbria.

The trail is walked as an annual pilgrimage on or around St Cuthbert’s Day, celebrated on 4th September (an official alternative date to the traditional 20th March).  The picture above shows walkers crossing Smoutel Ford on 4th September 2021.

The St. Cuthbert's Three-Church Trail Walking Guide is available in the three St Cuthbert’s churches (suggested minimum donation £5 (+ p&p if required) or by emailing Marie Ness [email protected]