Church of England Diocese of Southwark Streatham, Christ Church

Christ Church welcomes Bishop Rob Gillion as the new Priest-in-Charge

19 Aug 2020, 5 p.m.

The Church as a sign of Christ's love - Bishop Rob

We are all complex, our lives are increasingly complex.  Our church we hope recognizes the complexity and seeks to reassure those who feel confused or overwhelmed by the demands of our lives that, although everything seems to change, and even the very nature of change itself seems to be constantly accelerating, the essential truths have not changed. Love, compassion, wisdom, integrity, humility, and forgiveness.  These qualities are unchanging, eternal, and can all be found in Christ Jesus.

In times of troubles and of joys, the Church belongs to you, and you belong to God.

I look forward to welcoming you to Christ Church soon and bringing your God-given gifts and talents! For every day is a gift from God, how we live it, is our gift to Him!    Every blessing.  Bishop Rob.