Church of England Diocese of Southwark Streatham, Christ Church

Bible Sunday

30 Oct 2020, noon

Today, being Bible Sunday, the children helped us to act out a story from the Bible.

We learned about a man who had given up on life, was unable to move, and sat by the roadside feeling helpless and worthless. His friends couldn’t bear to see him like this, so they did something about it and brought him to Jesus. Jesus offered him a new life, an opportunity to put the past difficulties behind him, to step out in faith, with support from friends and Jesus. His friends brought him to see Jesus late. Perhaps it took them some time to persuade him to let them carry him to Jesus. This assures us that it’s never too late to meet with Jesus.

Jesus sets him free. It is so liberating to know we have a friend in Jesus.

For today we gave thanks for the Bible, we gave thanks for those who God inspired to commit the words to parchment, we gave thanks for those who protected the scrolls over those early and vulnerable years, we remembered those who, in the early centuries, deliberated over which books to include. We gave thanks for those who translated it into English, and in many cases suffered great cruelty from the state and the church in order that this could be done. And still, the work of translation goes on as languages are discovered into which there has yet been no translation. And we gave thanks for those who make the bible available, for example, the Gideon Society who place Bibles in hotel rooms and give them out to schools, we gave thanks for the ready availability of the Bible which is greater for us now than ever before through the internet, and bible apps on phones. It’s very available – but do we actually read it? Why not set yourself a challenge of reading one of the gospels in preparation for Christmas? This would be a very positive way of preparing for Christmas, to remind yourself of what the baby did when he grew up, and what Jesus is for each of us, in this world and the next.

In Advent we are hoping to offer a Bible Study each Wednesday morning and Wednesday Evening in Church, depending on Covid restrictions. If we are unable to meet, we will endeavour to offer something on our website and/or in an email.

For Jesus loves us this we know… because the Bible tells us so.