Church of England Diocese in Europe

Church Notices

5 Mar 2021, 1 a.m.

Friday Focus

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This Sunday (11th April) is the 2nd Sunday in Easter

A Service of the Word on video, led by David and Mary Jackson

Readings for our service this week: see Chaplaincy Worship page

The week ahead

Friday 16h00 Leadership Team meeting via Zoom

Next Sunday (18th April) is the 3rd Sunday in Easter

11h00 At Gratot: A Service of the Word led by DonnaDerrick (this service will be recorded for those unable to attend)

From the Leadership Team

Our meeting today ... Heard reports of Easter services and some technological woes ... noted that Virey are planning a Eucharist on 2nd Sundays, and hopefully 4th as well ... decided that 1st Sunday collections will not be for Charities for the moment ... heard a warning that UK driving licences must now be exchanged, and UK Car Insurance is likely not to be valid for someone resident here ... agreed to urge all church members to receive COVID vaccinations, for the protection of others, if not themselves.

Reminder: Your Leadership Team now meets regularly - weekly for now - to share, encourage, reflect and guide the Chaplaincy forward. If you have suggestions or comments please contact a Team member and ask for them to be brought to the meeting.

Please pray for our Chaplaincy every day:

Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for calling us to be a Church under the banner of your Name:

may we look to you today and find clear vision for tomorrow.

May our life together bring you glory, as you make of us a living invitation

to enter the joy of your Kingdom. Amen.

Love in Christ Jesus,

Donna, Adrian, Chris, David, Mary

(Chaplaincy Leadership Team)