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FRIDAY FOCUS 26th February

26 Feb 2021, 1 a.m.

This Sunday (28th Feb) is the Second Sunday in Lent

A Service of the Word led by Donna Derrick (Reader)

See Chaplaincy Worship page for full details.

Readings for our service this week

Genesis 17:1-7; 15-16 God renames Abram as Abraham, father of nations

Psalm 22:23-31 Stand in awe of God, you children!

Romans 4: 13-25 We share the faith of Abraham

Mark 8:31-38 Deny yourself and follow Christ.

The week ahead

Friday 16h00 Leadership Team meeting via Zoom

Saturday 15h00 Women's World Day of Prayer, Protestant Temple St Lo (note change of day) Contact Donna for info.

Next Sunday (7th March) is the 3rd Sunday in Lent

11h00 Holy Eucharist at Gratot Church

- please watch out for a message during the week to enable you to register to attend.

From the Leadership Team

Our meeting today ... Agreed a 'live' service on 7th March ... planned a 'Zoom Coffee morning' ... Chaplaincy AGM will be 30th May ... reviewed finances: we can pay our mortgage 2020 income was reduced, but so too were costs because work was impossible! ... talked about what kind of church we want to be when the COVID crisis is over.

Reminder: Your Leadership Team now meets regularly - weekly for now - to share, encourage, reflect and guide the Chaplaincy forward. If you have suggestions or comments please contact a Team member and ask for them to be brought to the meeting.

March Magazine

We hope to publish the magazine early next week. If you have any last-minute contributions, please speak nicely to Margaret as soon as possible.

Tea on Zoom!

Our first 'Zoom Afternoon Tea' was a pleasant low-key affair, consisting mainly of the people who 'came' to the Ash Wednesday service the previous week. We will be trying this again after more publicity: see magazine.

We asked readers to comment on a possible weekday study/fellowship on Zoom continuing after Easter. Nobody replied!

Lent Course - from Fr Chris

Thank you for the warm response to session 1 of the Lent Course. As of Thursday night it had been viewed 19 times, which is very encouraging! The 'comments' facility hasn't been used, but emails to me are fine, and will receive a response. One person wrote this thoughtful comment:

'Where does the assumption that we have to get something out of worship come from? Surely we just bring ourselves because we want to or need to. I have often felt sad and frustrated because 'stuff' or people have got between me and my efforts to get closer to God. I hated feeling more depleted when I left a service than when I arrived, but I don't think that is God's fault.

I loved the analogy of just hanging out with someone you love or going on a date. both valid and necessary expressions of love, but it is always the tiny things that count for most, (like the last Rolo) so perhaps the tiny things we do for God, a bit like toddlers rushing to Dad with a treasure or a story or just for cuddle, are as important to God as they are to us'.

Please pray for our Chaplaincy every day:

Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for calling us to be a Church under the banner of your Name:

may we look to you today and find clear vision for tomorrow.

May our life together bring you glory, as you make of us a living invitation

to enter the joy of your Kingdom. Amen.

Love in Christ Jesus,

Donna, Adrian, Chris, David, Mary

(Chaplaincy Leadership Team)