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Our 20-20 Vision has been 'put on hold' until the end of the pandemic.

Dear member or friend of Christ Church in the Manche at Gratot and Virey

Our 20-20 Vision website is now officially up and 'live', and new content will be added regularly as the Vision process develops. Please would you visit the site (even if you have already done so!), and SIGN UP for further updates using the box in the bottom right hand corner in the grey section right at the bottom of the page? (Sorry about all the advertising guff to have to scroll past - that's how we get a free website!!)

Signing up helps us in two ways.

• First of all, it means we can communicate new content and messages very quickly without needing to send out a heap of other emails.

• Also, it tells us whether you are with us, or not! We hope that signing up will indicate that you are engaged, cheering us on, wanting us to succeed, hopefully praying, and willing to lend a hand if you can!

Love in Christ,            

Chris Probert

20-20 Vision Animateur

Please pray the 2020 Vision prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for calling us to be a Church

under the banner of your Name:

may we look to you today

and find clear vision for tomorrow.

May our life together bring you glory,

as you make of us a living invitation

to enter the joy of your Kingdom. Amen.


These are the headings for the posts so far. Do please read them.

How far can we reach?

That was the launch, that was!

'Going?' or 'Belonging'?

Colder winds forecast!

Change your point of view? A long read, but really important!

*** The service at Gratot on the 16th February, will be followed by

a Soup and desert lunch. We will then have the first session of our 2020 Vision process. - What kind of Ship?

Everyone is welcome to join us.